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Why Running is Good for You

Running is another one of my hobbies, it improves your health by making you happier. The release of endorphins is good for your health. Even on those days when it’s hard to make yourself leave the door you should still make yourself run. Though you should take proper precautions when running in the winter, extreme heat or in the dark. Have you ever heard someone say that running is a drug? That is because it is a drug. Running releases natural hormones into the body that regulate activity, sleep cycle and mood. You have a less chance of depression and other mental illnesses if you run.

Running makes you skinnier, it will regulate your body’s natural blood pressure level, and maintain homestatic pressure. You do not have to be sprinting, in fact ,experts say that doing 70% Vo2max will be enough to gain this benefit. Running is by far the best and most energy efficient mode of exercising as it burns more fat per minute than any other activity.

Running can make your knees stronger, as it increases your bone mass and makes you into superman. It will stem age related bone loss, and it is also very good for your knees. It will strengthen the small bones and ligaments around your kneecaps over time. When doctors look at runners they find that runners have a very low risk of arthritis.

Running and hiking will also improve your mental functions, and keep you sharp as you age. Even previous stroke patients can benefit, the more active an elderly person is, the more they will stay sharp as they get older. These active people have better memories, better language skills, have better thinking and judgement than when compared to their unfit peers. They also have a lower incidence of cancer.

A viable alternative that I also enjoy is swimming. Swimming can be less impact than running on the rest of your joints. If you don’t like pounding asphalt give swimming a try. It can burn up to 3 times as much calories as running, that’s why you get so hungry when you leave the pool. The combination of water pressure squeezing out the water in your muscles and the ultra liquid resistance will also leave you dehydrated so be sure to drink liquids after.

I just wish I had more time to visit the pool, but since I don’t my activity has become running instead.

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