Why sustainable food?

Sustainable food practices are better for the environment

They do not use methods like chemical aids or overcrowding the animals. Instead animals are treated gently, and allowed to use their natural behaviors that maintain a small local ecosystem. These small groups of food animals do not have the damaging effects of the big corporation factories. They do not breed disease because they are not crammed into factory stalls nose-to-tail, and also do not overgraze because there are simply not enough. This keeps the soil nutrient dense because grass is very nutrient intensive to grow, and when cows strip the pasture, it is difficult to make it all grow back. Most farmers will then start using pesticides on their crops.

Sustainable food is better for your body

Did you know that the regular meat and vegetables you eat from the store could be giving you cancer? Humans simply are not meant to process the hundreds of chemicals in household products today. But it is impossible to get away from them unless you live in an isolated village in the middle of the rainforest. Added to the danger of industrial chemicals, there are many hormones that farmers use that we are not meant to consume. Cows generally are given estrogen treatments to fatten them up or make more milk. Eating these substances has been shown to cause estrogen related diseases like breast cancer even in men.

Sustainable food helps support your local businesses

Small farmers who do not force feed corn to their animals or use chemicals or GMOs have a hard time making the bottom line because of dirt cheap competition from big lot farmers. If we want to continue having good food then we must protect the interests of our small business farmer friends. Go to your local farmers markets and buy grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and eggs and organic vegetables. You may be surprised at how the vegetables look too, because these are their natural shapes before genetic engineering was invented!

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